Different at the Core

Beverlin Specialty Tube was founded in 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is one of the leading perforated metal manufacturers in the world. Over the years the focus has shifted and expanded, but our commitment to precision-quality products and exceptional customer service has never wavered.

Today, Beverlin is recognized as the worldwide leader in specialty perforated tubing, cones and assemblies for a wide variety of industries and applications. We work collaboratively with our customers to help define and deliver solutions that meet their unique needs, whether it’s an individual core or a complete product assembly.

Beverlin is well known for meeting specifications, standards and schedules that others simply cannot or will not. We also provide a number of value-added turnkey solutions that offer our customers greater flexibility, convenience and peace of mind.

These are all part of the Beverlin Difference—a way of doing business that sets us apart from the competition.

Our Values

Our Values

We are driven to be different by a unique set of values, which we call the Leadership Covenants. These Covenants are displayed for team members as a constant reminder of what is expected and rewarded in our workplace.


A Whole New Ballgame

Beverlin Specialty Tube is a different kind of metal tubing supplier. In addition to peerless design and manufacturing capabilities, we offer a variety of features and services that set us apart from the competition.

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