Perforated Tubing Products - Stainless Steel

Beverlin Specialty Tube manufactures a variety of perforated tube products from many different materials. For many industries, stainless steel is the ideal material to use when building our perforated tube products.

You can find stainless steel perforated tube at the optimal diameter and thickness for your application with the help of Beverlin Specialty Tube. We provide all common perforation patterns ranging from 10% - 60% open as well as custom perforation patterns. Our staff will work with you to find the optimal stainless steel grade for your end application.

We have served the perforated tubing needs of businesses from around the globe in industries including industrial, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, exhaust, and nuclear. Since 1976, we have built a reputation of meeting specifications, schedules, and high customer standards that our competitors cannot.

We build our perforated tubing products many different stainless steel grades including the following:

300 Series

300 series stainless steel grades that we commonly work with include:

  • 304 Perforated Tube
  • 304L Perforated Tube
  • 316 Perforated Tube
  • 316L Perforated Tube

400 Series

400 series stainless steel grades that we commonly work with include:

  • 409 Perforated Tube
  • 439 Perforated Tube
  • 441 Perforated Tube

Contact us to speak with one of our staff to find out how we can be your go-to supplier for all stainless steel perforated tubing needs.

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